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Noun: A person that generally conforms to the practice of vegetarianism, but will consume animal products in the company of meat eaters.

This compromise is often born of convenience or social pressure. Male vegetarians may experience lapses into social omnivorism to appear masculine in a testosterone-soaked atmosphere.
Dude 1: The Rangers are killing the Celtics. Fuck my life. You want some pizza?

Dude 2: Sure. Any veggie lover's?

Dude 1: Any nuts in your jocks? We've got pepperoni, Hawaiian, and meat lover's. Wooo!

Dude 2: ... I'll take Hawaiian.

Girl: Haven't you been a veg since you were like, 12?

Dude 1: Bro's a social omnivore.

Dude 2: Go Celtics.
by McSantos May 18, 2009
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