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a master of the human psyche who may use this to con people.
Hackers use social engineering to gain access into high security buildings.
by None December 17, 2004
29 12
a master of the human psyche who may, at a moments notice, bend the will of another human to fit his own, a hacker of the human mind.
"social engineers bend human will"
by a social engineer June 26, 2004
65 12
an individual who has surpassed the art of hacking,a person who has innate abilities to engineer others socially
I thought hackers were a problem until I learnt first hand that a Social Engineer can do far worse damage,That person was so good at being a Social Engineer i didn't see it coming
by MasterSofTrancE February 19, 2006
17 7
The social engineer walked into the classroom and said, "good morning boys and girls, today we are going to learn about the civil war."
by wonderaround April 15, 2012
0 0
A misfit who takes pride in his ability to manipulate others. Commonly a young white male who also has interests in hacking, computer games, and being made fun of in high school.
The feats of a social engineer are insignificant compared to a meaningful relationship with even a single good friend.
Social engineer 1: i stole my friend's gf's password! now i can mess with him!
Social engineer 2: Wow dude
by j7aiman February 09, 2010
3 9