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so•cha |sō ch ä|


• a plant, typically found growing around human-made structures such as buildings, walls, pathways, drains, gardens and farms.
• a plant out of place.
• a synonym for “weed” with a positive connotation.

Usage of socha

A socha is a plant considered to be undesirable in a particular environment. Just like a “weed”, a socha grows where it is not wanted and often in competition with cultivated plants. While the term "weed" generally has a negative connotation, many plants known as weeds have beneficial qualities (e.g. nutritional, medicinal, environmental, aesthetic) and can be called sochas.

Origin of socha

Ubykh Soatshe (noun), Spanish Nolana Sedifolia (Sosa/Hierba de la lombriz/Sosa brava) (noun), Spanish Sosa (noun), Portuguese and Galician Sousa (noun), Sosah (noun) of unknown origin; related to English Weed (noun)

History of socha

This usage of the word can be traced back to New York City in the early 2000s. The term was initially used to describe the wild plants found growing through the cracks of the city’s concrete sidewalks and around sewer drains. Since then, the expression has evolved to include most plants growing in surprising or unfavorable places and to symbolize perseverance (i.e. life finding a way).


Sochas are equal opportunity growers and do not discriminate on the basis of temperature, light, water, oxygen, mineral content or insect species.
“There’s a beautiful socha right down the street.”

“How did this socha grow through all of that concrete?”
by 19153811291920 January 27, 2016
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The one and only "sexy polish-canadian fob-magnet"
Jasper: I love you Patrick Socha. Marry me so I can stay in the country

(based on a true story)
by Jeff Kwan April 03, 2005
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It's the base in his voice
it's the tone of his skin
it's the sweetness
of the softness of his kiss,
He's my obsession, only regression
He's everything that means anything to me.
All I can think of, all that I think of is HE.
He lies so deep within my soul
as I appear vulnerable to his world
For his eyes I appear naked
stripped is my pride
and he will not take it
Socha is my existence, my life, my love
by Jasper Socha April 07, 2005
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A fob trying to bang you for simply being from a different country.
Man those girls have socha in there eyes and I'm loving it.
by rico suave April 02, 2005
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One who is a dick, or does dick moves/ mean things to others with out disregard

No one likes them

Having ugly face
yo that kid is such a socha, he just kicked me in the head
by ivazaR January 18, 2010
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someone who cheats on his girlfriend. usually this is used in the situation where the girl is in love.
Sam pulled a louis and slept with denise because denise was much better looking.
by JamesG1155 August 08, 2005
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