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Term of endearment; can be used to describe romantic, platonic, or familial relationships; Positive word used to describe a display of affection or situation where the actions of persons involved are so adorable and/or sweet that witnesses become overwhelmed by cuteness; In a large group, "snugglevomit" can be used to describe an overall feeling of unity, solidarity, and love.
After her graduation, while bidding farewell to friends, she declared, "awww...snugglevomit!"

I was perusing your wedding photos the other day...snugglevomit.

Although they were once good friends, they had not seen each other in a long time. Upon their reunion, they ran to each other and hugged for a full minute. Snugglevomit.

Your 6 year old daughter baked you a cake all by herself?! Snugglevomit!
by 'D.'B. September 12, 2010
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