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A snuffalarcus is the fucking most amazing little magical creature in all of the universe. It is a mix between a pink flamingo, a trout, lion, baby tiger cubs, one legged bear, and also a t-rex..... If you were wondering it is possible to be a mix of all these wonderful creatures of life... During large animal orgies these creatures are created from little sperm wigglers....... Many other animals may be incorporated in the gene pool of a snuffalarcus, because when the orgie starts no one knows who they are fucking... So when shit gets crazy loads are being blown all over the place..... Overall a snuffalarcus owns little babies who have not developed the ability to have boners.... Word to your mother....
Jessica: Whoa did you see that fucking magical creature over there

Ben: Yeah babe thats a mother fucking SNUFFALARCUS, only the most amazing creature in all of the universe.

Jessica: Your amazing

Ben: Lets go pitch a tent....... Oh yeah sonnnnnnnnnn....
by BSiCe April 27, 2007

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