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to get stole or or have something happen to you that you didn't expect
"Brotha man wuz just walkin along and this dude came outta nowhere and snuck him in his jaw and took all his loot
by Bart April 14, 2003
41 43
giving your bro knucks while two girls gives each of you blowjobs.
Yo, snucks, man, these bitches give mad dome, bra.
by vonscha2 February 09, 2011
0 5
To ejaculate prematurely
My girl was so fine, I snucked last night.
I snuck every time i think of Hale Berry.
Your girl told me your a snucker.
by SeanMull April 22, 2009
6 15
to get drunk really fast, alcohol sneaks up on you
"Damnnn gurl, I got so snuck last night. One minute I was fine, and the next I was on the bar dancing."
by crzygurl268 December 31, 2009
1 11
The incorrect past tense of the verb "snuck" The correct form is "sneaked" and anyone who does not know or use this should be shot in the face.
"So I snuck into her house last night..."
"Yo man, that kid just used snuck, let's go shoot him in the face."
by adventure banana July 27, 2006
10 29
to be in a very deep hole.. ie love
i just got with this girl, i am so fuckin snuck dude!
by Kn1ves February 28, 2005
4 25