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An acronym standing for Shit Nigga, U Suck.
Useful in situations where one wants to use said acronym, but actually saying the words would be socially unacceptable, rude, or cause for fights.
Generally, this acronym should only be used between individuals where the N-word itself would already be acceptable terminology.
(In a room with a diverse group of people)
Person 1: Man, I failed all my classes.
Person 2: SNUS, but you'll do better next time.
by PopUp55 September 17, 2010
a substance that is used to enhance your level of concentration and awareness whilst playing Elastomania
amagad ez snus, now i can get under 12 in ff
by jaytea June 26, 2005
A stupid college freshman chick. Usually blonde, but could be brunette. Normally will be found in groups consisting of more than ten wondering the streets around campuses looking lost, really drunk, or just stupid.
Heres the scene.
From the porch of a college house you observe with a friend a large group of snuses walking by all drunk and stupid.
"Hey Tom, did you see all those snuses?"
"Ya I bet there were 20 or 30 of them, bet they get underages tonight"
"Lets go talk to these snuses and get some tail."
by Big Grizzle September 22, 2010
1. (Intrasitive verb): the partaking of a Camel Snus spitfree tobacco pouch and subsequently enjoying the smooth, calming euphoric effect that results.

2. (Imperative): the act of requesting a Camel Snus.

3. (Noun): A specialized form of tobacco-filled pouch as marketed by tobacco mogul, Camel. The unique pouch design allows for the transfer of nicotine while minimizing the release of tobacco secretions.

(preterite): Snus-sed
(imperative): Snus
"Dude, I've got a shitload of work to do tonight; I need to snus and unwind."

"Hey Matt, snus me, man."

"I would kill for a snus right about now."

by Dornography11 April 15, 2009
Pussy dip
Fred: Hey, do you have some snus i could borrow?
Bob: That shit's for pussies! Have some grizzly mint!
Fred: Ewwww
by Ksull92 June 11, 2010
The area between the pussy and asshole of a female. A combo of Snatch and Anus.

The area on a female that fits quite nicely between the middle and pinky fingers when performing the shocker.
When I was plowing that broad, I slipped out and jammed myself all up on her Snus going back in.
by Cptn Obvious February 11, 2009
1. Sexual Needs and Urges Satisfied,
2. smokeless, spitless tobacco pouches
1. "He was such a caring lover. I snused so much last night."
2. "Dude, that chick was hot, but I only like half-snused; we must have been really drunk."
by Ben Kullerd June 21, 2007