to be affectionate towards another person or animal or object
I'm snu'ing in this blanket!

Look at this puppy, it's such a snu!

:two people nuzzling heads: "Snuuu!"
by laylagrl April 07, 2009
Special Needs Unit kid
hey, look at that SNU over there
by Lulu L'eafaiono May 17, 2008
A deragotory word used for members of the sigma nu fraternity. A snu is characteristically a greasy power mover who loves hair gel and the black on black suit.
Haus is the sterotypical snu
by Dot Mill September 26, 2006
(Sand Niggers United)
Gang started in the outskirts of Fresno. Was an infamous and corrupt gang which disbanded because of gang warfare in 2006. Gang fights over cocaine and other substance drugs caused this gangs downfall. In 2005 there was an all out gang war between PPG and the gang was demolished. PPG killed nearly an estimated 1,000 gang members of SNU ending all hopes of ever rebuilding. In the end of 2005, hoping to continue their regime SNU once again reunited to try and win back property seized from PPG. PPG ruthlessly ripped through the gang massacring over 230 members. The Gang disbanded for the last time and the war with PPG was one of the most influential and catastrophic wars of the 20th century resulting in a death toll of 1500.
Damn SNU got massacred last year.

Dude everyone knows PPG owns SNU.
by OG Triple OG November 12, 2007
some fuckin brown soily shit, which the user rams under their top lip to put nicotine into their gums and therefor their bloodstream. banned in the EU (thank fuck), snus is one step down from being a smoker, and is only really likely to give you mouth cancer and make you look like a chipmunk
the scandinavians only contributions to the world are meatballs and snus. that's a pretty shit legacy
by chimpypete February 08, 2008
A smokeless, spitless upper-lip tobacco product that originated in Sweden (pronounced: snoos)
Man, pop in a snus, it’s way more discreet than that cigarette. Swedes love it
by Urban Dictionary User February 17, 2015
Snus is a alternative product instead of smoking often used by vikings originated in the Kingdom of Sweden. It's small bag containing milled tobacco leaves that makes every non-swedish person spit and curse.
Do not try Snus if you're allergic to badassness.
by ZeekPlease February 02, 2015

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