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A holiday celebrated by Gorillaz fans to pay respect to all things that are Snrang. Held on March 29, Snrangmus can be can be recognized by the following things; St. Snrangmus, Snraggle pudding, Snrang pie, Snrang cheer, Snrangmus time carols, Snrangmus cider, little gits who won't pay the sodding pizza bloke, etc. etc.

Snrangmus is, in no way, a device used to further the hatred of n00bs. It is, in fact, a time for much rejoycing and fun.

To learn more about Snrang vist: snrang
"Oi, Snrangmus day is finally here! Quick, let's open our presents that St. Snrangmus brought us!"
"Woah, mate, what'd you put in the bloddy cider?"
"St. Snrangmus bless us, every one." -Tiny Tom
by Gee-Em March 29, 2005
The holiday that totally r0xxerz.
I got a lot of snrang shit for Snrangmus. Hail St. Snrangmus!
by UberXdonkey April 08, 2005
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