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someone who plays Pokemon Stadium and gets worked up over it.
Bill: I had to rip Jonny of the N64
Ryan: was he playing Pokemon Stadium again?
Bill: what a fag
by BBBalla10 March 03, 2007
The biggest bitch ever
Ryan: That kool-aid man is a bitch

Nick: Yeah I know he broke my wall yesterday and I wasn't fuckin thirsty

Ryan: lol u suck
by BBBalla10 May 08, 2007
The process of ripping out some of ur pubes and sprinkling them onto someones head
"I just gave my brother the german snowstorm"
by BBBallA10 February 02, 2007
a nice pussy that supplys a male a nice snack
Ryan: Dude i was with this girl last night and she had some pink candy for me to munch on

Nick: MMMMMM your Lucky
by BBBalla10 May 08, 2007
a shit that you take and it builds up in one place in the toilet bowl so that it rises above the surface in a mountain like shape
Chris: OMG Ryan that is disgusting!
Ryan: What? are you talking about that is a porter potty shit if I've ever seen one
by BBBalla10 September 14, 2007
A really hot chick that you want to do
that girl is ginomite!
by BBBalla10 December 17, 2007
1. the name for someone's small penis
2. a colorful insult

2. CW: Hey Ryan do u want to hang out sometime
Ryan: Fuck off coctail weiner!
by BBBalla10 May 06, 2007

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