1. the physical and emotional sensation experienced while engaging in snow sports during peak snow conditions, usually accompanied by adrenaline rush and uncontrollable verbal expressions of pleasure.
2. an instance of experiencing this.
3. intense or unrestrained excitement while participating in snowsports such as snowboarding, snowkiting, or sledding.
4. an instance or occurrence of such excitement.
–verb (used without object)
5. to have a snowgasm.
Beau had a snowgasm while schralping freshies through three feet of virgin powder in Tahoe.
by Beau Smith February 04, 2008
Top Definition
The intense, euphoric feeling skiers and snowboarders who live in or near ski resorts experience whenever the weather forecast calls for heavy snowfall in ski areas. Often enhanced by overly enthusiastic TV weather forecasters or radio personalities.
John, a snowboarder and Fran a skier both experienced a snowgasm when they heard the weather forecast of a major snowstorm for the Colorado mountains. Dan however, who couldn't care less about the ski areas was upset because he had to delay his travel plans for a day.
by Ahina December 19, 2006
giddiness over fresh groomed pow pow that can only be satisfied by going down on it
Just had a snowgasm on Cornice Bowl at Mammoth!
by tiffanys17 April 11, 2011
What a kid has when his school declares a snow day.
OMG mom. No school! I'm going to have a snowgasm.

Don't forget to use protection. I left your gloves in the closet.
by rogerthewhale February 08, 2014
The feeling a skier or snowboarder experiences when floating on top of/drifting through huge amounts of amazing fresh powder.
When that nor'easter hit, Joe went up to the mountain and had many snowgasms throughout the day.
by Snowgasmic March 11, 2011
The act of either orgasming due to the prediction of snow, or the act of achieving a large amount of snow in a short period of time.

Snow flurries may be called premature snowgasms.
1. Peter: are the weathermen still predicting snow?

Jamie: they are predicting a complete snowgasm
2. Dude did you look outside? Its a complete snowgasm.
by Diabolicus February 19, 2010
The feeling that embraces you when freshly fallen snow squeaks under your boots.
Oh man, it's been snowing this night, I'm gonna have so many snowgasms walking to school.
by Cro Ski January 25, 2014
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