When a woman with an apparently deviated septum is performing oral sex on a man, and upon ejaculation, semen is expelled from her nostrils.
Suzanne doesn't need to use afrin to aerate her nostrils because she gave Tyrone a snowblower last night.
by Alligator Maintenance December 09, 2011
when you are getting some head from a girl and right when you are about to cum, you stick it hard down her throat and make your cum blow out of her nose.
She thought the tissue beside me was for my cold, but it was really so she could wipe off the aftermath of my snow blower.
by Big Boy 2 October 29, 2007
a female that sucks dick for coke
wow jen is SUCH a snowblower
by BNOWSLOWER November 07, 2010
The act of having your cum spit back into your own mouth, which you then proceed to spit into the anus of your partner just to have it farted onto your face.

A close cousin of the snow ball
"Holly was kind enough not to just snowball me, but to actually give me the snow blower".
by Garrett O'Sullivan April 23, 2005
A black girl who gives a white man oral sex is said to be a "snow blower."
Man 1: "Man, LaTeesha gave that white dude Hal Andersen head when I was out with Deshay last night."

Man 2: "Man I didn't know LaTeesha was a snow blower."
by hurricane chickey October 26, 2009
The act of having anal sex, ejaculating into the recievers bum, then having the cum transfered to the face of the giver by a juicy fart.
Devin pounded the hot blondes butt until he unloaded a large amount of jizz, as he layed down to rest she moved her ass to his mouth as if to get a rim job and returned the gift she was given all over his face with a booming fart, completing the Snowblower.
by MADMAN/DWELLS July 17, 2008
Getting sucked off by a girl past the point of ejaculation. Getting sucked until you are limp again.
Last night Karen gave me an amazing snowblower. There was no need for cleanup when we were through.
by Dick Noughty March 31, 2009

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