When, after the initial action of snowballing ( see snowball ), both partners--with remnants of cum in mouth--spit at eachother in a fight to hit the other.
An acceptable end is a bitch slap from one partner to the other.
Last night in the car was so fun. We fucked around, had a snowball fight, and then I slapped that bitch.
by argo 5 May 18, 2003
Top Definition
similar to ,"the snowball"
The act when a woman recieves an avolanche of snowy white jizz in her mouth, pretends to swallow, than spits a snowball of cum into her partners mouth. The man reacts by spitting back at her causing a fight. A smart man will use charm and laugh the situation off, encouraging a second sexual encounter, when a swift "donkey-punch" will be used to teach that cum-spitting bitch a lesson.
I was getting a blowjob when a snowball fight ruined the moment.
by Mr. J-Entry (Nanchez) November 05, 2003
Spitting the snowball back and forth between each others mouths until one person swallows.
Nothing is hotter than two girls having a snowball fight after a three some any season of the year.
by Nastyboy August 02, 2005
You must begin by sitting in a circle with several other men, and furiously masturbating to produce a large quantity of sperm. After each man has a load in his hand, they begin throwing it at each other until there is nothing left to throw.
I can't believe we had that Snowball Fight last night. Now my room is covered with jizz.
by bdacanay September 30, 2010
A common homosexual practice in which two or more men achieve sexual arousal by throwing semen-lathered turd-balls at each other. Snowball Fights are often followed by marathons of anal sex between the parties involved.
John: Hey Michael, I'm having a few friends over for a Snowball Fight this weekend. Would you like to participate?

Michael: Of course! I have some turd-balls in the fridge!
by Definitely Not John March 21, 2013
A game in which people exchange semi-liquid white forms.
That snowball fight was awesome. Woman, you really know how to pump out the white stuff in huge amounts. It was hard for me to keep up; I really got creamed.
by Evan Jacob January 27, 2009
where you bust a snowy white load into a ho's mouth and she tries to spit it back at you. this is a snow ball fight. the proper course of action is to give this cum guzzling bitch a swift uppercut to the abdomen (walrus punch).
"I splooged in this back stabbing bitch's mouth, who happened to get with my friend after homecoming, and she proceeded to start a snowball fight with me until i gave her the ultimate walrus punch and knocked her on her fucking ass"
by Nibcats November 26, 2006
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