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1. n. Canadian working illegally in the US.
2. n. Canadian spending the winter in the US. Also known as snowbird, or frostback.
Let's get the hell out of Quartzsite, Arizona. It's being overrun by snowbacks.
by Jeff the Skid September 26, 2003
73 26
A derogative word for Canadians
Snow Back love to play hockey in the artic tunrda that is canada
by LMC DUSTER January 12, 2010
5 0
A derogatory term used to describe the Swiss.
Those filthy snowbacks don't fool me with their neutrality.
by RPGlord95 January 02, 2011
10 7
A person from a northern state that seeks protection from the cold by moving (fleeing) to a southern state
I haven't seen this many snowbacks since the Civil War
by Fire Matt April 20, 2006
17 17