A day when classes are canceled and all you do is stay home and do cocaine. Rick James loved snow days, but he was not enrolled in classes, so they occurred with greater frequency.

A secondary definition of snow day is when you stay home from school and see how many times you can masturbate in one day. You play god to the mites that live in the carpet, as you pepper them with inches of hot white semen.
I took a snow day today
Nice, so how much blow did you do?
Just say, it smells like Colombia.
by Devon McIntyer February 01, 2011
(noun) any day when school is cancelled unexpectedly, but not necessarily because of snow.
other causes include but are not limited to:
ice (bad roads), low temperature (buses can't start), winds, power outages, no heat, lice epidemic (school closes for cleaning), sickness (so many students are out sick that it's not worth keeping the school open).
I got a snow day!
But it's 60 degrees outside.
Yeah, but the wind knocked the power out at school.
by ellibelle April 28, 2011
when you stay home from school or work for no reason other than to simply relax and stay home.
kid 1: hey why weren't you in school yesterday

kid 2: i took a snow day
by thekid718 December 15, 2009
the days I look forward to in the winter.
I really hope tomorrow will be a snow day so I can sleep in.
by anonymous7789 August 21, 2011
When you are so hung over that you miss work or some important meeting or task that puts your career in jeopardy.
Dude, where the hell where you today....?

I was out til 4 am doing shots for Lea Anne's birthday and took a snow day.

Bryan took a snow day after partying all night and missed an important school board meeting...
by b.hanback June 09, 2008
When you cum in your hand and slap somebody in the face.
John just went in his hand and gave sally a snow day
by Melissa, Kacey, Keil, Pubes March 17, 2006
An excuse for missing work. Normally associated with having sex with a gay man named snow.
Brian is taking a "snow day".
by Woody Johnson November 20, 2006

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