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1. When a computer crashes at such a fundamental level that it can no longer control the CRT in the monitor, thus the monitor displays a screen of static.
The application was written so poorly that half the time it made the computer snow crash.
by Adam Wilson December 30, 2003
snow n.... 2.a. Anything resembling snow. b The white specs on a television screen resulting from weak reception.

crash v.... --intr....5. To fail suddenly, as a business or an economy.

--The American Heritage Dictionary

virus.... L. virus slimy liquid, poison, offensive odour or taste. 1. Venum, such as is emitted by a poisonous animal. 2. Path a. A morbid priciple or poisonous substance produced in the body as a result of some disease, esp. one capable of being introduced into other persons or animals by inoculations or otherwise and of developing the same disease in them....3.fig. A moral or intellectual poison, or poisonous influence.
--The Oxford English Dictionary
Book by Neal Stephenson - My favorite techno-thriller.
also see 1984
When they get closer to the overpass, it becomes a lost cause trying to drive at all, the thrashers are so thick and numerous. It's like putting on crampons and trying to walk through a room full of puppies. They have to nose their way along, tapping the horn, flashing the lights.
-- Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash
by GiD March 13, 2004
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