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it's when a girls giving you head and when your about you cum you ram your thing in the back of her throat and the cum comes out of her nose.
he snow dragon her.
by Sexually challenged May 04, 2009
when a girl is giving you head...and right when you finish you punch her in the stomach and your jiz comes out her nose
i gave your mom such a bad snow dragon she blew my cat off the table
by Chadurn September 13, 2006
When a girl's givin' you head, you cum in her mouth and,quickly, (before she can spit it out or swallow), you hold her jaws shut and scream "I have Syphillis." She'll want the jizz out of her mouth so bad that she'll spray it out her nose, making her appear like a snow-breathing dragon.
Last night was wild! I gave Caitlin a Snow Dragon and the whole wall was covered in jizm!
by PLank SPanker May 24, 2007
the act of placing your hand gently over a girl's mouth and punching her in the stomach after she has given you head and you have jizzed all up in her grill. This causes the jizz to seep out of her nose like a dragon who snorts snow.
"Man, Shelly was so pissed when I gave her the 'ol snow dragon."

"I'd be pissed too if you made me look like Whitney Houston!" (by the way, Whitney Houston had/has a cocaine addiction hardee har harr)
by Trunk December 04, 2007
A combination of snow balling and angry dragon.
When you try to give a girl an angry dragon but she chokes so much that you have to give her mouth to mouth and you are now snow balling her.
That angry dragon you told me to try turned into a snow dragon last night.
by Icegravy69 May 22, 2008
Combination of a snowball and an Angry Dragon. Usually entails the ejaculator sucking semen out of partner's nose.
Jeremy totally Snow Dragon'd Kayla last night.

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