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Ice cream made from fresh snow, so light and delicious as to be nearly impossible.
This is too good be snow cream! It's Jesus Spooge!
by Straif June 05, 2006
When you fuck a girl, or guy, outside when there is snow and just before you cum you throw a snowball at her pussy, or his asshole, and jizz all over it. You and your partner can then eat it, continue making the nasty, or whatever floats your boat. You can also make a chocolate snow cream where you or your partner shits on the cum covered snowball.
"How did the date go?"
"Well we were bored and the opportunity arose so I snow creamed her."
"Wow that's awesome!"

"She wanted to make it a chocolate snow cream but that shit is gross so I took her ass home."
by Colossal Chris January 30, 2014
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