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The act of throw frozen cum at someones face
Gunny: Hey commander

Commander: Yes?

Gunny: Catch this

Commander: I love frozen Snacks

Gunny: Yep even my Dirty Snow Cream
by chubbychaser37 November 10, 2010
The act of put Nair on your lovers ball sack or vagina and then licking it off.

the hair is the fuzz the Nair the icing and the ball sack or vagina the cupcake
Elliott: Dude you mom gave me a great Fuzzy Cupcake last night

Mason: What the fuck man
by chubbychaser37 October 24, 2010
Most gay assholes hit you in the head and say "should have had a V8", next time well try hitting someone in the balls and say "sould have had a fuze bitch"
Elliott: (Kicks mason in the balls)

Mason: Fuck

Elliott: Should have had a fuze bitch
by chubbychaser37 October 24, 2010
A woman you give this name to is a whore or slut but she doesnt know what you really calling her.
Elliott: hey wubby

Kacie: hey whats up with the Wubby?

Elliott: Just a nickname I gave you
by chubbychaser37 October 24, 2010
The act of jacking off and not cleaning the jizz off your dick leaving Dick Cheese
Mason: Dude my dick cheese smells bad

Elliott: No Shit
by chubbychaser37 November 10, 2010
A nother name for a Half Black, Half White guy
Mason: look its Black and Mild

Keagan: Fuck you!
by Chubbychaser37 March 11, 2010

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