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A term reserved for constantly crabby younger persons, combined with an added element of young snobbishness (sometimes called "snotty") that usually accompanies the ill-temper of the individual.
Derived from the word "crotchety", which usually connotes an older ill-tempered individual(geriatric population)but combined with "snotty" to indicate a younger person.
Person 1: Hey did you see the episode of "Sweet Sixteen" when the girl flips out when 50 Cent did not show up at her party and she did NOT get a BMW?
Person 2: No, I can't watch that show, the kids are way too snotchety.

Person 1: I can't believe that T.A. told me to gain more perspective in my papers for Avant Garde Art Appreciation. What does that T.A. know anyway, I mean he hasn't even been to the birthplaces of avant garde like I have many of times before I even came to this university!
( walks out of the classroom still ruminating )
Person 2:(to fellow students) What a snotchety bitch! Next time she talks, I'm throwing her out in traffic
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