a northern pike; also known as jack or jackfish
These fish are notoriously slimy and serpentine, hence the name snot rocket.
by incline July 06, 2013
The resulting visual when a large gooey slimy snot is launched in a magnificent trajectory from ones nostrils due to vociferous laughing, sneezing, or crying. The trajectory has been known to reach an apogee of 3 to 4 feet above the launch site. These are especially delicious when they land on someone or something that has a deep fear of this sort of occurrence.
"Cleetus became the life of the party once he sneezed on old Mary Jane Rottencrotch and her pretty pink panties at the mixer and then landed that tremendous snot rocket on her face.
by Alfonso T. Watt December 27, 2010
A particle of nasal excrement launched at such high speed as to achieve escape velocity. It may be launched by way of a sneeze, or the "cover one nostril and blow" method.
I still have flashbacks to the time in 7th grade when I was almost decapitated by my friend Carlos' snot rocket.
by MetWop August 15, 2009
When a projectile booger comes shooting out of a person's nostril.
Chloe snot rocketed all over my arm.
by Taylor+Chloe January 25, 2007
When someone sneezes but the snot has high velocity cause it to fly either to the otherwise of the face or across the room.
Boy :*sneezes*
Girl1: you've got snot on your chin,

Girl2: you just had a snot rocket
by Infinitelyyourshoe July 29, 2014
A penis.
My boyfriend's snot rocket blew the biggest wad in my ham wallet last night!
by TheFurBurglar June 06, 2013
when snot is expelled from the nose by closing one nostril with your thumb and blowing hard. hence creating a rocket of snot shooting from your nose.
you blew a wicked snot rocket dude
by thandai August 03, 2009

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