the act of pulling up your shirt collar, and placing your shirt sleeve in clean air so that you can overcome the poisioning of a fart dropped in your vicinity
I had to snorkel for a while, JOe really shit himself in the car
by Richard Hertz Call me Dick October 03, 2006
A male-on-male prank. When someone creeps up on someone sleeping and places his balls on their eye lids and lays their penis over their nose and mouth, like a Snorkel.
Guy A: Dude, dave totally gave bill a Snorkel last night.

Guy B: lmao, what a homo!
by SickPranker March 14, 2010
A ghetto bong used to smoke pot and tobacco simultaniously.
We smoked outa the snorkel yesterday and got messed up.
by shannonie April 29, 2005
A style of North Face jacket. Usually says Hyvent or 550 on it, or it has an Antarctica patch.
Damn, that snorkel is hot... run that shit!!!
by Ant-eko February 28, 2007
to go down on your sexual partner
I snorkeled for the first time ever last week. Loved it, except for the mouthful of sea water I got.
by Rolie February 10, 2004
Another term for a bong or waterpipe. It can also be used in verb form
"Let's hit the snorkel"

"Man, I was snorkelled the other day"
by minutes5 March 05, 2010
A way of drinking thats hard to explain
Snorkels up!!!

Jim and Bill snorkeled beer
by Chelsea FC October 25, 2006
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