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To place a funnel in someone's butthole and pee into it from three or four feet away.
Dude, he's passed out... let's snoop him!
by Thistle McClain July 10, 2008
4 22
Not to be confused with the popular rapper Snoop Dog. To snoop, like it's Meriam-webster counter part, means to spy, or to snipe. It is often used to ad variety to sentances that already contain the word snipe.

Snoop is also the act of sticking a flat hand in someones arm pit, by sneaking up from behind and yelling snoop the moment your index finger touches the top of their pit. If your index finger does not touch the dome of the pit, then it is an unsuccessful snoop.
I was walking down the hall in my dorm, out of no where J.B. ran up behind me and totally snooped me.

Hey Fil, I can see you there, you aren't going to snoop me.
by Joseph Smrekar June 01, 2006
26 44
A new way to say someone stole me.
We use to say it concerning the joint. While you're giving it to a folk and someone suddently catch it from your hand.

To snoop (snoop; snope; snoop)

I heard some french using it, maybe this is came from them !
("enfoiré, il m'a snnopé mon vélo")
_You want some of this shit.
_Wait a minute, you've got to pay a taxe before.
_Gad damm, he snope my joint !
Oh my god he's snooping my girl !
I told you, every time you snoop a friend, you're snooping your self afterall.
Did you snope it ? I mean its the easy way to get it !
by Metronum December 15, 2005
13 31
to take a shit, usually a very satisfiying one
Yo, i just took the moneyest snoop.
by BAram March 19, 2007
2 21
when your chatting up a are snooping her!
james:i was taliking to emma last nite
steve:did ya snoop her?
by zlim July 09, 2005
2 22
(gangster) of all gangsters
sellin de most albums on de bounce, and smokin all dat weed
by sheek March 27, 2005
17 37
math teacher at st. andrews

student 2: no.. thats my geometry teacher
by SIXTH PERIOD GEOMETRY February 09, 2005
9 30