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to be exhausted, or in a bad situation. snookered is a broadly used term which has a variety of meanings. A common definition of snookered, is to be fucked . Snookered is usually used in the phrase "fucking snookered". This basically means "absolutely fucked.
Nick: Shit man, you look tired.
Jackson: Yeah man, we pulled an all nighter. I'm fucking snookered.
by CaptainAwesome69 July 22, 2011
tipsy; drunk; inebriated
I decided to get a bit snookered tonight.
by Duct-Tape Dan July 26, 2003
I've been snookered.
by Big Swede June 20, 2003
v. (in the billiards game snooker) Refers to a safety shot that makes the next shot by the opponent very difficult. Not to be confused with the UK slang term snooks
Steven Hendry snookered his opponent with a beautiful safety shot.
by i'm smelly April 15, 2006
That moment when you find it difficult to function after taking 1 too many pellets!
Oh man they pellets are brilliant, I'm pure snookered.
by Peas and Gravy August 23, 2009
Up shit creek without a paddle.
by MoonKnight November 30, 2002
caught in traffic so you can't move around the slow car in front of you...that is more than likely driven by a woman
Dude, I'm so snookered right now
by pendy4432 April 20, 2006