tipsy; drunk; inebriated
I decided to get a bit snookered tonight.
by Duct-Tape Dan July 26, 2003
to be exhausted, or in a bad situation. snookered is a broadly used term which has a variety of meanings. A common definition of snookered, is to be fucked . Snookered is usually used in the phrase "fucking snookered". This basically means "absolutely fucked.
Nick: Shit man, you look tired.
Jackson: Yeah man, we pulled an all nighter. I'm fucking snookered.
by CaptainAwesome69 July 22, 2011
I've been snookered.
by Big Swede June 20, 2003
v. (in the billiards game snooker) Refers to a safety shot that makes the next shot by the opponent very difficult. Not to be confused with the UK slang term snooks
Steven Hendry snookered his opponent with a beautiful safety shot.
by i'm smelly April 15, 2006
Up shit creek without a paddle.
by MoonKnight November 30, 2002
That moment when you find it difficult to function after taking 1 too many pellets!
Oh man they pellets are brilliant, I'm pure snookered.
by Peas and Gravy August 23, 2009
caught in traffic so you can't move around the slow car in front of you...that is more than likely driven by a woman
Dude, I'm so snookered right now
by pendy4432 April 20, 2006

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