A social networking snob, one who has many friends/followers on multiple online social networks.
Amanda is such a snoobie! She's on facebook all day, and has over a 1000 friends. Who does that?!
by Social Networking User August 30, 2009
Top Definition
A person who's a noob but comes across as cute or endearing because they don't know anything about computers or gaming but are happily willing to learn

(Note: Yes, noobness can be tolerated or even cute sometimes.)
"Oh, she's a snoobie but she's learning."
by Tasha Bunny May 15, 2005
A method of smoking cannabis throught the nose. Snorting + Doobie = Snoobie. Goes straight to the brain making you really high really quick. A trend rapidly spreading thorugh the north of England, but begun at the God awful gigs known as MYB in Alderly, near Maclesfield. Also known as Snoob, Snoobie Snacks and The Wish Method, after the godfather of snoob.
Superfly just picked up a bag of weed, so he was going to go and snoobie with his snoobie brothers.
by Patrick Thomas January 23, 2006
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