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originating in Melbourne Australia, refers to the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, notorious for being populated by snobs
screw you, you snoburban poofter
by vyvyan murroe February 17, 2005
Suburbs that are highly pretentious and rich containing snobby rich people.
Imma go chill in Bently
Oh, so your hitting the snoburbs?
#snobs #rich people #rich #snobby #bently #dalkeith #nice cars #sobny #sonb
by DJdamage January 15, 2011
The snobby suburbs of big cities where everyone drives a status car and the high school kids compete to see who has the most impressive college application, the most AP classes, etc. (originated in Melbourne, Australia)
He thinks he'll get into Yale because he lives in the snoburb of Potomac.
#suburb #snob #snoburbia #snoburban #status
by L Sullivan November 08, 2007
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