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stands for "Shit nigga, nigga shittttt."
"i lost my phone"
"snns man, snns"
by calvin wong March 17, 2008
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Side Nigga Nation
That's why you ain't her main nigga you with that snn
by Mw16_ January 04, 2014
Acronym for Serious Nigga Napps

A term describing what a black person's hair becomes if they haven't straighened it in a while. The curly, hard to run a comb through hair.
Send that girl to a hairdresser. She has SNN.
by Shaunats June 22, 2007
it means: SWEAT NO NIGGA.
S.N.N or N.S.N mean the same thing!
by prisci October 03, 2006
The snorting noise you make through your nose when you see something funny on the interent but not quite as funny as lol
I just fell over and really hurt my knee, snn

I just done a skid on my bike snn
by SNN March 20, 2015

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