A mixture of snow, dirt, salt, and cinders. Often found along roadsides and on vehicles during winter. In the car wash industry it is also known as money.
He drove to the car wash to get off the snirt.
by laserman43 February 04, 2010
Snirt is a creature living in an urban areas, typically holding a professional job but exuding extremely lazy tendencies. Snirts are known for their general apathy and lack of lengthy attention spans. They are often found at various social gatherings including house parties, where they don't usually know the host but wandered in after leaving a nearby bar which was closing. Snirts have also been known to ditch their closest friends out of blind desperation for potential dates and can be easily identified by their cowboy boots.
I can't believe Snirt is free on a Thursday mid-morning. He must've called in sick after missing the 10 am shuttle to work.

Snirts invited me to be his wingman to the house party but left me there after meeting a girl who wasn't old enough to get into popscene.
by kv1235 July 03, 2010
A mixture of snow and pollution.
The snirt along the roadside was getting darker.
by One i. King July 21, 2010
One of those ambiguous words that doesn't mean anything but just sounds dirty.
Billy got his mouth washed out with soap after stubbing his toe adn blurting out "Aw Snirt!"
by Bad Dad April 25, 2008

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