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something that used to be a lot of fun, but is now confined to a small area and is uninspiring.
Chris is a snirch these days, never leaves his home and isn't as fun as old Chris
by columbiangabe June 25, 2010
n. Snirch - a web 3.0 search engine that features human edited search results from credible and recognizable experts.

v. To Snirch - informally used as the act of using the Snirch expert search engine to search the Internet.
Sally used Snirch to snirch for a hotel in Aspen and ultimately used the expert results from Ski Magazine.
by Web 3.0 Search Guy October 24, 2007
snirching is the act of sniffing an area after one has sat there for a period of time. snirchers can be found at gyms, offices, and cinemas. leather seats with sweat marks are usually most sought after, hence gyms are probably most common grounds for finding this rare species of human.
im sure that guy is snirching my chair

"what is that girl doing with my chair?"
"probably having a snirch"

i know that guy, he's a snircher
by pj towersey October 04, 2006

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