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To claim credit for a now-common word or phrase usage that either clearly belongs to the public domain and only recently became popular by random group adoption and proliferation, or that was actually brought into vogue by someone else. This usually occurs when the word/phrase's acceptance happened too long ago for anybody to have a clear enough memory of its adoption to refute the claim of invention/primary adoption. Also, one who makes such erroneous claims.
Friend 1: "I feel like I pretty much invented the phrase 'I feel like'"
Friend 2: "You can't "invent" 'I feel like.' Way to Snides that shit.
Friend 1: "Nah. I also started "I mean."
Friend 2: "Shut the fuck up, Snides."
by Paddington Beard September 08, 2010
due to the snide manor of sam, the word snide no longer has a meaning. snide can be used whenever or whereever it is needed, wether it be an insult or a big up.
the word snide is most commenly used by follet and can be heard being reggurgated about 6x per minute on average.

basically; snide is a substitue for any word in any context.
joni: aryt sam
sam: snide!
joni: hows that bacon butty?
sam: tbh doh, its propa snide!
joni: oh ryt need more mayo?
sam: yea defo needs mayo, but not on the bun tho, on the snide! llllllllollllllollllll
by joni_joni May 28, 2008
When Urban Dictionary reject your defintion.
Jack:"I posted a definition on Urban Dictionary today. It got rejected."
Jill: "Aww man! That's snide!
by Black Sheep :) May 28, 2010
Stolen/counterfit, sold outside jobcentre, magistrates or outta some bastads boot.
"Those bensons you sold me were they snide?"
"taste like shit, gimme my dollars back".
by El Cholo March 04, 2004
the act of being t cov
theresa is the snidest thing ive ever seen
by kristof95 March 30, 2008
sly- sneaking around wivout any1 knowing
sniding away from da police in shatfield yeah!
by sexy-pig March 28, 2003
a person who lives in tracksuits constantly, often with a pair of rockports on their feet and a burberry cap. can be found listening to 'banging choooons' in their Nova's or Astras. If they are not there try a council estate as they may be there impregnating their under age also snidey girlfriend (noticable by badly dyed hair piled on top of head and wearing jeans, rockports and some form of sport coat. May also be already pushing a pram).
oh my god you look well snidey
by Venomous-Kittie November 06, 2003