1)A person who is addicted to halo and poker game playing.
2)Stretches the truth, lies
1)Wow that snickle just sits and plays halo all day.
2.) That stupid snickle still hasn't gotten that car he said he was buying.
by Apexaiwa April 19, 2005
Top Definition
To engage in sexual intercouse with a person who you are not romantically involved with in order to add to your total number of sexual partners.
Dustin snickled 5 times this weekend. He's becoming quite the little whore!
by bendee September 26, 2006
The art of female masturbation.
I just watched your mom snickle, not gonna lie, was kinda hot.
by Ihatepants December 31, 2010
A combination of a Snickerand a Giggle.
Often used by an evil female or a very camp male.
EvilKid: *Snickle*
Kid1: Dude, did he just giggle?
Kid2: No, no he snickered.
Kid3: Wtf? Asswipe! It was a Snickle!
Kid1/Kid2: -.-...
by MOshi SHizumi December 22, 2008
A sound and movement of a nose
Ella snickled her nose 15 times today!
by Gunterthepenguin21 November 29, 2014
a small amount
Do you have milk in your cofee?
Just a snickle
by Anonymous April 14, 2003
a term coined by students at California Polytechnic State University. It can be used in any fashion and works espicially well with the word BAY BEE. It is generally condensed to "nickle" in order to save time.
nIcKlE snIcKLe BAY BEE nickle
by Yossi/Justin/Wes July 31, 2006
A modest portion.
Give me a snickle of that apple pie.

I'm on a diet. I can only have a snickle of ice cream.
by Rinky82 November 01, 2012

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