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delicious candy bar with whole peanuts and caramel. they have made bars such as marathon, w/ almonds and CHARGED bars, but everyone knows original is the best.
wow i thought i bought a melty dildo but it was a snickers.
"Hey, Carol told me to give you this snickers bar. And that she's seeing a hot mexican with abs.
by jason wario shampoo January 01, 2008
16 10
A fully erect black penis.
Ashley: It's so fucking big..
Jerome: Just think of it as a snickers bar, but don't bite.
by - aant1 April 28, 2011
28 7
when you take a shit, then get shit put in the freezer, and take it out when frozen and use it as dildo for a chick.
Ah yeah i just snickers bar my girlfriend
by wonderboy777 March 17, 2007
40 32
average sized black penis
i heard that jamal had a snickers bar. I'm surprised I thought it would be small
by SNAVETREBOR November 02, 2011
10 5
What your penis looks like after pulling out of someone's anus.
OMG! I tapped this girl's (man's) ass and when I pulled out my penis looked like a snickers bar.
by TOHBM April 13, 2012
4 0