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a low grade of marijuana
My rich friends smoke the good weed,but all i can afford is the snickelfritz.
by Kellebrew January 28, 2009
Mischievous child; A child who who does things which should require correction but the correction is often surpassed with laughter at what they have done.
You little snickelfritz.
by Snitzer December 15, 2008
Used as an endearing term towards a friend.
Sally: Hi how are you?
me: I'm good, whats up with you there snickelfritz?
by heatherinusa May 08, 2006
Replacement for a name that one has forgotten.
"This is my boyfriend, umm, Snickelfritz".
by vacationmom September 04, 2012
a kid, or more specifically a rowdy child. (pennsylvania dialect)
She's bringing her snickelfritz to the party.
by jbdub September 02, 2007
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