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A big hairy twat that is usually accompanied by a punchant aroma not to disimilar to that of your average fishmonger and reveals a taste on par with battery acid.
Whilst ensuing an enjoyable, yet crude and rather harsh discussion, one may use the term, "u fucking sneff", or make a crude suggestion to a female in a heckling fashion such as,"get your sneff out (for the lads)!!"
by discodave February 16, 2005
Permanent loss of smell, loss of the ability to sniff, as in deaf.

This person usually has bad personal hygiene, due to a lack of awareness.
A temporary version is known as the 'sneffles'
Someone who doesn't smell the worst fart ever, esp. if they 'dealt' it.
Lola: "These roses smell delicious."
Bruce: "I don't care, I'm sneff, but they look pretty."

Lola: "My dog's got no nose"
Bruce: "That's no good."

Lola: "Bruce, you sick bastard, did you make that smell?"
Bruce: "No, but I did fart awhile back, is that what you mean?"
by Rupelj May 10, 2010

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