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An urban legend has it that if you sneeze 7 times in a row you will orgasm. An orgasm achieved this way is known as a Sneezegasm.
With this hayfever I've been blowing snot outta my face all week, but this morning I swear it was so bad I had a sneezegasm and I'd already used up almost all my kleenex. I had goo drippin' outta me top and bottom and only enough left to wipe one or the other. So basically my underwear is glued to me now.
by Mister Hughes. March 21, 2007
70 9
The event of having to sneeze, but it won't happen. Then all of a sudden, a powerful sneeze is released followed by a feeling of relief.

An orgasm of the nose.
John: -ACHUUUU!!-
Frank: Dude, I saw that building up. Total sneeze-gasm.
by sierramyst93 November 24, 2010
11 0
Today, I was having sex with my girlfriend. She started panting harder and going, "AH, AH, AH..." and I thought she was about to come. Next thing I know, there's snot splattered all over my face and neck. Turns out it was a sneeze. FML
The girlfriend sneezegasm'd.
by Kelsey and Dani April 24, 2009
15 8
To sneeze to an excessive amount thus triggering an orgasm
I sneezed so much dawg, I damn near sneeze-gasm'ed
by Sneeze-spert January 04, 2012
5 3
Sneezing 7 times in a row causing you to have an orgasm
Yesterday i had a sneezegasm. It was awesome
by swagmaestro123 March 04, 2014
1 0