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Icelandic for Clitoris
Women have a Sneepur.
by Jarod S. April 23, 2006
Icelandic for "clitorus." Made popular by the Eli Roth film, Hostel.
I'm part of the Sneepur Patrol!!
by Angry Vegetarian April 17, 2006
Sneepur means clit in Icelandic. But the actual Icelandic spelling of the word is "snípur". The misspelling was done for the movie Hostel so that people wouldn't confuse it with the English word "sniper"
Sneepur alert, 3 o'clock.
by Steinninn March 18, 2007
Icelandic clit. Presumably bitches from other places have them as well, except for places like Egypt, where they're cut off before the girls can figure out what they're missing.
The sneepur was a small, fleshy protuberance that came off in my mouth when i bit it.
by Credulous Dolt September 28, 2007
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