dropping a fork at desparate times.
Patrick was starving and about to eat macoroni when all of a sudden..... SNED! So sad.
by dorkology94 July 26, 2011
Top Definition
Sned, in short, is an acronym for

Nugs refer to the flowers of the female marijuana plant. Sned has evolved from this acronym into a philisophical belief that smoking weed every day is the only way to enjoy life.

Sned can also be used as a verb, noun, or adjective.
"I like to sned."
"Would you like to sned?"
"That fiend is all snedded!"
"There's a ggroup of snedheads."
by M. Shrader February 03, 2009
Special Needs Education.
describing a certain person/group of people who behave as though they are developmentally challenged. The group will identify themselves generally with 'stupid' hair cuts, brightly coloured crayons used in place of pens, enjoying the highlights of the A-B repeat button, talking in hill-billy esque accents and generally making a show of themselves.
The main examples of a 's.n.ed.' are
Amy Wood 'pigeon'
Toni 'willy' Wilkinson
Nikki Lucielle Thompson.

They have a combined mental age of 2
by KickassKansas November 08, 2010
A sexual position involving at least two men and three women, in which each participant receives the maximum amount of penetration and/or stimulation possible.
Aaron was involved in a giant sned last week, he woke up three days later with a sore butthole.
by Upyours122375 December 07, 2009
A Sned is also a Golf term for "Seven Strokes." A friend of mine was in Church one Sunday morning when 7 Snedigars were getting baptised, so he just uses "Sned" instead of 7.
"I shot a 5 on that par 4, what did you shoot"? answer, " I shot a Sned, I was 3 over".
by charvel2 October 18, 2011
The exact opposite of send.
Gordy will sned you cookies.
by daev brn December 20, 2008
1)Alternate word for "send" but used with more intrest.
2)An expresion of extreme shock or distate
1)You have a live version of Police Truck by Dead Kennedys? Oh sned me that.
Dont bother sending me the studio though
2)Holy sned! I cant believe that just happened!
by Will D. July 11, 2004
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