The use of a brown paper bag to conceal the contents or label of a bottle. The appearance of a sneaky pete has become synonomous with alcohol, so concealment is rarely achieved by using one.
"I can't drink this in public, i'm on probation you wanker!"

"Relaxe, just use a sneaky pete!"
by anthonyreid781 June 26, 2006
Top Definition
In pool or billiards, a "hustler's cue." A well-designed cue that looks like a well-worn house cue.
After the hot chick took my money shooting pool, I noticed the old cue she was using was actually a 'sneaky pete'!
by bagadonutz November 06, 2005
Cheap fortified wine, in particular the type drunk by winos on skid row such as Mad Dog, Night Train, and Thunderbird. Winos often "fortify" wine with other alcohol, including denatured alcohol such as rubbing alcohol and sterno.
But you take that Sneaky Pete 1 stuff they're drinkin' nowadays. That's wors'n anything! Nah .... I would'n touch'a stuff! That Sneaky Pete drives a man crazy! And it ain't nothin' but cheap wine! That's all it is! You know that guy, crazy Mike, who's always comin'in here makin' trouble? He got that way drinkin' that Sneaky Pete stuff! I won't touch it. I wouldn't touch it if you give me all'uh money in the world! I wouldn't touch a drop of it! No sir!
by RevWaldo September 28, 2010
The combination of a bottle of liquor and a paper bag used to conceal the bottle. Since a paper bag covering a bottle has become synonomous with alcohol, concealment is rarely achieved
Guy 1: Man I could use some hard liquor right now
Guy 2: Good news. I brought a sneaky pete
by AnthonyR777 July 12, 2006
Originally "Sneaky Pete (Is the Real McCoy)" was a song made famous by "Bull Moose" Johnson in 1948. In the song, he defines "Sneaky Pete" as a juice drink that'll get you fucked up.
by Mark Legion May 12, 2009
during sex the pinky finger goes in a girls ass without them knowing.
E: last night i gave my girlfriend the old sneaky pete

P: That is so wicked
by apeman2000 June 25, 2009
banging a chick from behind and you slide a finger in her but.
"Last night I was banging your sister and I gave her the sneaky Pete"
by The Gills May 07, 2009
While making out with a girl,finger her meathouse then give her a hug and sniff thoses mutha-fuckin fingers to make sure shes clean..
I did the sneaky-pete on Mel and damn near lost my lunch!!!
by chow-yung-phat January 24, 2003
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