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Person who is a beast with sneakers.
One who knows everything about a sneaker.
One who has a lot of that kind of sneaker .
One who does not like FAKES.
One who get's mad if somebody copies his/style.
One who does not rely their parents to buy everything for them.
One who shares intellegence to sneakerheads and fellow sneakerbeasts.
One who Does NOT BUY FAKES!
One who takes care of their shoes!!
One who knows how to spot fake shoes in an instant.
One who loves a certain kind of sneakers.
One who know's where to shop for the most exclusive clothes.
One who rocks beaters whenn they dont feel like dressing.
One who got a sense of style.
One who knows how to stay fresh without being too spendy.
One who waits for the retail price.
One who know where to get retail.
One who appreciates all kinds of styles.
One who can rock any brand of clothing.

One who gets all the props without being a HYPEBEAST.
SNeakerbeast stays fly for the rest of they lives yall heard?
1. YOOoooooo mah g's a sneaker head with style like a hypebeast.
2. Nah man I'm a Sneakerbeast. Get that Shit straight.
by Speilberg101 February 03, 2008
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