A college by the name of Snead State Community College. That will waste 2 years of your life by offering classes you have already taken, aren't in your degree plan, stupid advisors that won't let you take more then 12 credit hours worth of class, or classes that won't transfer to another college without a large amount of yelling and banging your head into a wall.
Random Dude 1: "Where did you go to college?"

Former Snead Student: "Snead State..."

Random Dude 2: "What a waste of 2 years."
by JayGrr November 27, 2006
mixture of sneaky, devious, vulgar, unscrupulous, underhand in a sexual sense. it was first used near Glasgow UK, in 1988, uncorrectly as the pronunciation of 'snide' which means bogus/counterfeit. It has no reference whatsoever to a golfer of the same name.
1. His advances to her where going nowhere. He was drunk and acting like a Snead and annoying every female within a square mile. or: 2. He had three girls going at the same time, none of them knew it, he was King Snead.
by bamberjamber July 08, 2004

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