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Having lived here for 30 years, I will present my brief description.

A small and unincorporated community of fishermen, Marines, and farmers who (in most cases) make the commute to Jacksonville and Wilmington.

In the Summer, since 2005, we have been bombarded by tourists from all over the globe. I have met many from our capital Raleigh. Many have moved from states/countries like Wisconsin, Texas, New York, California, Mexico, Argentina, and mainland Europe.

The community is mainly filled with young Marines, retirees, and vacationers. We lack many of the typical commercial attractions of a well established town, but I do not see this as a bad thing. I can still see the stars at my house. It is quiet, hot and humid (summer) and terribly wet and cold (Winter).

We often feel the wrath of every major hurricane in the gulf; Topsail Island gets the worst damage though. No flooding here, just lots of wind and rain.
1: Four Corners is not "Monk's Corner." Sorry Monk, but your store is gone. (I did like the ice cream though).
2: Four Corners is not part of Sneads Ferry; the town really starts, in my opinion, north of Grant's Sea Food, East of Yopp's Meeting House, and South of the Back Gate.
3: We have had a Shrimp Festival since the 1970s; lately, it has lost popularity because our shrimp gets imported from Vietnam. Few people can truly fish in the New River.
4: Robert Snead never lived in Snead's Ferry.
5: Locals refer to the town as "The Ferry", "The Sneaky Freaky" and "SF" (not to be confused for Finland).
6: A day does not go by without seeing a V-22 or hearing howitzer artillery.
7: All the locals meet in Hardee's.
8: Some of the older locals still use idioms previously heard on Davis Shores and Ocracoke.
9: A real local wears the white fishing boots or "sneakers".
10: Once upon a time, every Saturday at Noon, the old fire department had a 1950s Cold War siren test.
11: Best places to eat: Christopher's, Rick's, Riverview, Em R Wings, and Capt. Jim's.
12: And for the last time, if you live in the South we have something called blue laws, that means no buying alcohol on Sunday til 12:00 PM.
13: Please those of you who live in the North and move here or stay for the Summer, stop acting as though you expect 7 star quality from a town that enjoys its 2 star modesty.
14: Oh and it is pronounced "Camp Le Jurn" for "Camp Lejeune."
by F25_Xanatos November 27, 2010
1. In modern First Person Shooters, these are the players that find the highest spot in the map or some inconspicuous place on a ledge until they time it just right to attack.

Then, they proceed to camp in that spot again until the next victim. They rarely leave that place because they have deemed it the most advantageous spot to camp, hardest to reach to counter-attack, etc.

(often a glitched spot in CoD or a place worthy of expert UT trial runners)
Any game of Call of Duty, BF2, Unreal Tournament.

"Zomg will someone kill that roof ninja. He is a no talent ass clown who sucks at camping."
by F25_Xanatos November 22, 2010
Good Luck, have fun, don't die, no rush until 15 minutes have passed.
As in:

Player X: sup
Player Y: nm
Player X: goooooooooooooo

Player Y: still dling noob
Player X: afk 2 sec
Player Y: wtf
Player X: gooooooooooooooooooo
Player Y: gl hf dd nr 15
by F25_Xanatos November 22, 2010
In Rainbow Six: Ravenshield, these are the terrorists that glide across the map on their knees instead of running.

Mostly, it reflects poor AI node placement by the map maker. Often, these tangos are the hardest to kill because their animation is much faster and erratic.
Ah shit, that last tango is a knee glider. Anyone have a flashbang left?
by F25_Xanatos November 22, 2010
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