form of snazzy. can be used in many ways, both serious and piss-taking.
wow, that coat is so snazz
you're looking a little snazz today
yeah, that's well snazz mate (pikeyish version)
by jo December 28, 2003
Top Definition
Cool, tight, fresh
That's the snazz.
by Vibe February 06, 2003
Someone who is fresh, fly or dope. Someone with a style all their own who stands out from the crowd. Also, an affectionate name for a friend or relative.
"Look at that cat, he's the snazz."
"Hey snazz! What's up?"
by the snazz April 14, 2004
(verb) Of or pertaining to talent, being cool, etc.
This book just has so much snazz!
by Kibby September 28, 2003
Noun: A nondescript thing, or a thing whose name cannot be immediately recalled.

Verb: Generally offensive synonym for go, can be used with various prepositions to provide directional information

Adjective: Both positive and negative, generally used to describe nondescript things, possibly with the intention to confuse. Often interchangeable with the noun, see examples snazz Also interchangeable with snazzy

Freddie - Manuel you need to pick that bit of snazz out of your nose.
Manuel - Thanks mate, I have no idea how that got there


B-J - What's your snazz?
Manuel - Not much, there's slim snazz going on in town today.


Steve - Hey, what's that?
B-J - Oooh, that's jazz.
Steve - And that?
B-J - That's snazz!


Freddie - Snazz off B-J.
(B-J fucks off)


Manuel - I'm going to snazz in to town, anyone coming?
Everyone - Snazz off Manuel.
by Snazzer123 November 20, 2011
The simultaneous occurrence of sneezing and ejaculating. Ejaculating while sneezing or vice versa.
OH Dude I snazzed all over her Face!!
I have never snazzed so hard in my life.
by Mr. Po August 21, 2009
An ambigous way to lead your friends to believe that you are in fact pulling ass.
My friend Danny, to me:
"Dude, I've been snazzin' with so many girls lately..."

"So what's that supposed to mean?"

"Let your heart decide."
by Davey C. December 13, 2007
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