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The substance which is expulsed from the female vagina or "snatch" during intercourse, or not during intercourse at all.

It comes in a variety of thickness' from very runny to super thick (the latter being alot like bleach). It can have a variety of smells to accompany the thickness, such as fish, dog food, sausage rolls and vanilla if you're lucky.

The key to maintaining good snatch-gunk is regular washes of the pelvic area with shampoo and/or conditioner.

It is a term favoured by Nathan from the E4 drama Misfits, and men across the globe.
Man: What's your snatch-gunk like?
Woman: It's very good thanks.

Woman: Thats impossible.
Man: No it isn't, shut up.

Man: You have dirty snatch-gunk
Other Man: I'm not a girl.
Man: So.

Man: You have dirty snatch-gunk
Woman: What's that?
Man: Go on urban dictionary.
by "POWER-HOUSE" December 11, 2009
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The fluid which comes from a females vagina or "snatch".
Often referred to as a bad thing.
Guy 1 : That chick is hot!
Guy 2 : I wouldn't, got nasty snatchgunk.
by DannySpencer November 22, 2010
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The gunk that comes out of a woman's vagina. Hopefully. First heard in Episode 4, Series 1, of Misfits.
"I can't break up with her, without travelling back in time!"

"Tell her she's got nasty snatch gunk."
by Fishenator December 16, 2011
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