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A snatch napkin is a tampon, so named because it soaks up blood in a snatch (snatch being slang for vagina) like a napkin soaks up spilled juice or soda on a table.
guy: yeah, I gotta stop and get some snatch napkins for my girlfriend.

male friend: Why does she need snatch napkins? She IS one.
by TurbulentDay August 25, 2010
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Nonchalantly stated in the movie "I hope they serve beer in hell", Snatch Napkin is a derogatory term used as an aid in the vocabularies of hometown comedians in making fun of braindead sluts. It can almost literally be translated to: whore, slut, or any of the other fine words used to describe the combination of beauty and stupidity.
guy: "you're such a snatch napkin hahaha"
girl: "oh my godddddd whats thattttt?"
guy: "oh it just means your really pushy, you know, like you like to snatch things away from people and shit. don't worry about it baby."
girl: "ohhhh, well im a total snatch napkin then!"
guy: "snickering"
by kotabro93 October 16, 2009
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someone who is equal to a paper product rubbed between the female reproductive area otherwise known as worthless.
Quit being a snatchnapkin and help us out
by d1e1r2e6k December 11, 2010
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