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To perform oral sex on a female quickly, as for a snack not a full meal.
Rod was dying for a snatch snack this past weekend.
by Jilina October 18, 2005
16 6
when a man wraps a yodel around his ding-dong and jams it in a woman's twinkie
"i'm a little hungry, honey, could you get me a little snatch-snack?", said her vagina.
by Quills1313 December 18, 2010
2 0
A penis, finger, thong underwear, or any other item that goes into a woman's girlcrack (vaginal cleft or vestibule)as if it were eating the item as a snack.
"Dang girl, your pussy must be hungry cause it's swallowing up a snatch snack." or "you call that tiny, pathetic little snatch snack a cock?"
by Sandra Mendez November 14, 2006
2 2