A woman who interferes with another woman's attempts to score with a guy. Similar to some definitions of cock block, except that a woman is competing for the attention of another woman's man.
Girlfriend: My roommate Griselda is such a snatch block!
Boyfriend: What do you mean?
Girlfriend: Out of all my friends, she only talks to you. And she practically dresses up whenever you come over!
by The Rhino's Nemesis June 04, 2010
Top Definition
The opposite of a cock block; when the girl is preventing you from scoring...
"God! Tina is being such a snatch block!"
by Katie V November 03, 2007
A pulley used gain a mechanical advantage when using wire rope or cable. Related to the "Block and Tackle"
If an bundle extractor isn't available and a forklift won't reach it,a heat exchanger bundle may be stuffed into the shell using a winch(or tugger) cable rove through a snatchblock on the shell and back to a strongback thats attached to the tubesheet.
by The Pipe Doctor January 25, 2009
The female version of cockblock.
Man, that dude totally snatchblocked me.
by WhiskeyWednesdayREPRESENT March 12, 2011
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