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The opposite of a cock block; when the girl is preventing you from scoring...
"God! Tina is being such a snatch block!"
by Katie V November 03, 2007
A woman who interferes with another woman's attempts to score with a guy. Similar to some definitions of cock block, except that a woman is competing for the attention of another woman's man.
Girlfriend: My roommate Griselda is such a snatch block!
Boyfriend: What do you mean?
Girlfriend: Out of all my friends, she only talks to you. And she practically dresses up whenever you come over!
by The Rhino's Nemesis June 04, 2010
A pulley used gain a mechanical advantage when using wire rope or cable. Related to the "Block and Tackle"
If an bundle extractor isn't available and a forklift won't reach it,a heat exchanger bundle may be stuffed into the shell using a winch(or tugger) cable rove through a snatchblock on the shell and back to a strongback thats attached to the tubesheet.
by The Pipe Doctor January 25, 2009
The female version of cockblock.
Man, that dude totally snatchblocked me.
by WhiskeyWednesdayREPRESENT March 12, 2011