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Combination of sik and gnarly--i.e. the best of the best--a really sik and gnarly time--snarly--intricate and complex--a scene that really grabs you.
We had a snarly good time. Did you hear that music; it was so snarly.
by Patrick Milligan December 03, 2005
1. Adjective describing a woman who is contemptibly ugly, stupid, or annoying, but who acts as if she is attractive or desirable;
2. Adjective describing a woman who is oblivious to her own physical or social shortcomings and who acts condescendingly as a result;
3. An adjective that may describe the "fat friend" in a popular clique of young women, if she fails to recognize that the others only keep her around to feel better about themselves;
4. Any unattractive, arrogant woman.
I thought the pear-shaped blonde at the frat party would be an easy lay, but the snarly bitch told me I was too drunk to take her home.
by DickyJohns17325 April 27, 2009
Audibly or visibly irritable and peeved, with a tendency towards profanity and rudeness. A combination of surly and snarling. A condition often caused by caffeine withdrawal, nicotine withdrawal, or delaying meals.
"Watch out for Dan, he gets really snarly before lunch. Yesterday I went into his office to ask for his help on a project and he told me to piss off".
by bartlebyscrivens March 31, 2010
Impatient, toe tapping individual that refuses to let you drop the c bomb and probably sleeps with someone famous but won't admit it .
She was a Snarly, dancing on the floor when she impatiently started tapping her foot waiting for the crowd to recognise her but instead the just thought she was a c bomb
by Loose dolly March 27, 2013
Jugs, boobs, beautiful swinging chebs.
Tend to be massive with the nipples pointing to approximatel 5 o'clock. Look at the snarlies on THAT!
by Dan DeLion November 23, 2006