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One who snarks. See snark: Combination of "snide" and "remark". Sarcastic comment(s).
"That dude is a total snarker. He just sits in the back row and riffs on everyone who walks in."
by The mistress of snark April 15, 2010
The art of snarking is retrieving golf balls, that where played out of bounds.
HELEN: He's the kingpin, the master and
the snarker
by semi18 March 09, 2007
n. A person that sniffs or snarks seats
Secretaries chairs, bus seats, etc.
ie; Jon is a real snarker, as soon as that gal gets up and leaves the room he sneaks over to her chair, makes believes like he's dropped his pencil, places his face on the seat cushion and takes a wiff.
by TantraRabbit November 27, 2005
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